The Hand-Made Fish Company

When you visit Shetland, the finest seafood can be yours:

  • The pick of the fish market, every day!
  • Farmed seafood direct from the growers.
  • Smoked fish, our own unique products.
Handmade Fish Shop

Rick Stein's Food Hero

Shetland on a plate: Matthew Fort at the Shetland Food Festival.
"[... And just around the corner from the Olive Tree is the Hand-Made Fish Company, where Dave Parham, a refugee form Devon, produces superb smoked haddock and, to my mind, even better smoked organic salmon, experimenting with the effects of various woods, including larch (interesting and rather good)and juniper (too fugitive for my crude taste buds), while relying on old oak whisky barrels (smoky sweet and brilliant) for his general stock. ...] "

Quoted from "The Guardian" newspaper

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